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XXXNNN Degree Project in X

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About LTH's bachelor/master thesis

Congratulations for completing your thesis! You are approaching the end of your education and I hope you have had a good time at LTH!

In the autumn of 2009 we introduce an opportunity for students at LTH to evaluate the work with their thesis. For quality assurance purposes we at LTH management are very keen to know more about what you have experienced during the time you have worked on your thesis.

Thank you for your participation and good luck in the future!
Ingrid Svensson
Dean of Education LTH

To mark "No answer" has the same effect as if not to mark anything at all in that question.

XXXNNN Degree Project in X

1 How did you find the topic for your thesis?

2 Did you cooperate with a company or society in your thesis?

3 How relevant do you think your thesis is for your education?
4 During how many weeks (calendar time) have you worked on your thesis?
5 What do you estimate your activity level has been during this time?
6 How many hours do you estimate that you have received supervision of your supervisor at LTH?

XXXNNN Degree Project in X

7 How do you rate that your abilities in the following areas have been improved during the process of thesis work:
critical review
literature search
analytical and problem solving ability
8a How satisfied are you with your report (final product)?
8b How satisfied are you with the writing of the thesis (process)?
9 How satisfied are you with the article (final product)
10 How satisfied are you with your oral presentation?
11 How satisfied are you with your contribution as an opponent?
12 Are you satisfied with the opposition that you received during your oral presentation?

XXXNNN Degree Project in X

13 Have you been paid during the work with the thesis (in addition to financial aid for studies from CSN)?
  How much? (the total sum):

14 Can you recommend a friend to do their thesis at the same place (department, company, etc.) you did yours?

, comment:
15 Other comments


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