Report Course Evaluation, FMSN35

Basic facts

Course nameStationary and Non-stationary Spectral Analysis
Course codeFMSN35   Course syllabus
ECTS credits7.5
Study period the course was finishedVT_LP1
Registrated students26
Number and share of passed students     18 / 69 %
Number answers and response rate6 / 23 %
Number answers from males5
Number answers from females1
Study hours according the curricula
Lectures    18 h
Group work    0 h
Laboratories    0 h
Time with supervisor    5 h
Self study time    170 h

Summary of questionnaires

The CEQ-score span between -100 och +100, there -100 means that "I fully disagree to the statement" and +100 "I fully agree to the statement".

Presence at teaching

Part of teachingNumberShare
0-30 %0 0 %
30-70 %0 0 %
70-100 %6 100 %

Scales and questions

Good Teaching+8119
Clear Goals and Standards+5353
Appropriate Assessment+5817
Appropriate Workload+3139
Special questions
The course seems important for my education+7527
Overall, I am satisfied with this course+8027
Graf of scales and questions

Distribution of the answers from question 26:
"Overall, I am satisfied with this course"

     Graf of question 26

Dissatisfied (<0) 0 0 %
Neutral (0) 0 0 %
Satisfied (>0) 5 83 %
No answer 1 17 %

Mean of CEQ-score+80
Standard deviation (StdDev)27

Distribution of the answers from question 17:
"The course seems important for my education"

     Graf of question 17

Mean of CEQ-score+75
Standard deviation (StdDev)27


Comments by the students' representatives

To few answers to make any sweeping observations.

Comments by the course leader

Comments have not been submitted before the deadline

How the questionnaires were filled in

By web forms.