The University Board has 2010-12-17 decided that the ECTS scale will no longer be used for translation of the grades (ie, according to the decisions in these pages).

There are transitional provisions valid in 2011 for courses that regulates ECTS complementation in the course syllabus.

The function and method of translating between different grading systems is general and not only applicable according LU's old rules and thus can be interesting to keep, even if it is not used for grading at Lund University any longer.


EGIS - ECTS Grade Interpretation Scheme

A recent development within the European Commission is to replace the ECTS grading scale with a direct translation of grades based on historic grading data. This method is called EGIS, ECTS Grading Interpretation Scheme.

This development is based on the fact that in many real-life exchange situations, the ECTS grade will only serve as an intermediate link between a "host" and a "home". In such cases, a direct conversion between two local grades would be most accurate, effective and fair from a studentsí point of view. If the distributions of local grades of the both HEI are set, it is thus possible to overcome many of the problems associated with the ECTS grade transfer scale. Least room for interpretation appears when the grading scale of the "host" HEI is more differentiated than the local method of the "home" HEI.

Matlab and PHP software that makes such direct translations according to EGIS can be downloaded.



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